The Next Evolution of Pipeline Infrastructure Monitoring is Here


Our patented sensors and IoT technologies are leading the field in live data acquisition and predictive assessments of pipeline infrastructure.


Real-time monitoring capabilities help infrastructure owners and operators to make data-driven decisions, providing them with alerts and recommendations prior to the onset of critical events. Our next-generation devices are non-invasive, simple and inexpensive to install, and offer true turn-key solutions to pipeline asset owners and facility managers.


"44 % of all U.S. water infrastructure is near the end of life or failing... and within the next 10 years will be out of life."

-Bluefield Research

Join Us!

Orbis innovation is revolutionizing pipeline infrastructure monitoring, and we’re seeking select distributor partners to join us. Hundreds of thousands of commercial, industrial, healthcare and municipal customers will benefit from our ground-breaking technologies, and you can help make sure they have access to the solutions they need. We’re helping build the smart infrastructure of tomorrow – be a part of next-generation IoT pipeline monitoring today. Let’s talk!

Next-Generation Technologies

The Orbis Prodigy is redefining pipeline infrastructure monitoring. Our sophisticated sensor array detects a broad range of pipe conditions and potential issues in advance - with a simple, cellular connected, non-invasive, clamp-on device.


Reduce your risk, with real time data from Prodigy.


Using patented sensors and wireless IoT connectivity, Prodigy provides predictive assessments of pipe deterioration, internal blockages and monitors your infrastructure for leaks, flow events, pressure and temperature changes, Legionella conditions and more -- prior to the onset of critical events.


Prodigy helps to:

  • Reduce waste

  • Prevent costly property damage and work disruptions

  • Increase infrastructure efficiency

  • Maintain compliance with water management plans

  • Preserve pipeline network assets

  • Plan for infrastructure investments

  • Ensure the health and safety of those who rely upon your network


IoT Connectivity & Analytics

A flood of data isn’t very useful. Prodigy simplifies the data for you, providing actionable alert notifications and pinpointing the areas where corrective action is needed. The secure portal and dashboards enable real-time and auto-generated reporting on network efficiency, and provides access to raw data for drill down analysis.

Prodigy ultrapipe

Transform Any Hydrant Meter Into an Automated IoT Device


The Prodigy UltraPipe can be attached to any meter or hydrant meter with a count/pulse output, instantly transforming it into an automated IoT device, allowing you to remotely monitor the water meter’s performance and enable automated billing.


The monitoring system links the meters to a cloud-based portal that allows precise time, location and volume of water used to be recorded. M2M (machine-to-machine) connectivity coupled with the Orbis Live Portal system gives utility owners and operators a truly powerful water management and audit system, including real-time monitoring and alert notifications.


Key features:    

  • Non-invasive bolt on water meter product        

  • Utilize with hydrant meters for NRW monitoring      

  • Data logging incorporated                    

  • Flow and volume monitoring                

  • Water consumption monitoring

  • Alert notifications

  • Live secure portal with dashboard

  • SMS and email alerts

  • Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly reports

  • Efficiency reports

Over 3,000 UltraPipes are currently in use in the UK by the country’s largest water companies.

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