About Us

Orbis is revolutionizing pipeline infrastructure monitoring.

Orbis’ patented sensors and IoT technologies detect leaks, monitor for pipe deterioration, measure water flow, and provide tampering alerts – all from outside the pipe.

Real-time monitoring capabilities help infrastructure owners and operators to make data-driven decisions, providing them with alerts and recommendations prior to the onset of critical events.

Our next-generation devices are non-invasive, simple and inexpensive to install, and offer true turn-key solutions to pipeline asset owners and facility managers.

Orbis Intelligent Systems - leading the field in live data acquisition and predictive assessment of pipeline infrastructure.

Leadership Team

Our diverse group of experts is what sets Orbis apart. Our team of passionate, knowledgeable, innovative leaders are revolutionizing pipeline infrastructure monitoring.

Danny Krywyj
Founder & President
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Originally from the United Kingdom, Danny brings over 14 years’ experience of growing technology businesses within the infrastructure industry.

Danny was the founder and managing director for JD7 Ltd based in the UK and responsible for the creation and implementation of industry’s first pipeline condition assessment technology and solutions for water, gas and industrial sectors. After Aquam Corporation acquired JD7 in 2014, Danny moved to Managing Director for their Aquam Pipe Diagnostics Division where he oversaw the expansion of Aquam Pipe Diagnostics from the UK into North America.

Danny completed his Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship at Rolls Royce UK and spent 10 years working as a Mechanical Engineer within the Nuclear Marine technical development division and a further 12 months within the advanced propulsion design of Rolls Royce Aerospace.

Tracy Hernandez
Sales Manager
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Tracy is responsible for all Prodigy SmartCap sales across the US and Canada, and brings 20+ years of environmental experience, and 6+ years of experience specifically dedicated to assisting utilities minimize Non-Revenue Water (NRW).  Tracy has successfully led the largest deployment of remote monitoring, acoustic leak detection devices in North America.  Working with utilities of all sizes, Tracy has specialized in creating unique solutions for each customer, serving both long and short-term water-loss goals. Tracy earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, with a Chemical Engineering minor from the Colorado School of Mines.

Jorge Acosta
Senior Hardware Engineer
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Jorge is the Senior Hardware Engineer in charge of overseeing hardware development at Orbis. Jorge brings to Orbis over 20 years of electronics experience, mostly in low power RF design, and has held multiple senior engineering positions at companies such as Panasonic and startups in the San Diego area. He has been a consultant for a number of engineering design projects from audio amplifiers and solar charging to FCC, DO160-MilStd certifications. Jorge holds a Bachelor´s degree in Electronics and a Master of Science degree in Optics from CICESE, Ensenada BC.

Peter Eto
Senior Firmware and Analytics Engineer
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Peter is responsible for the full development cycle and testing of the embedded, real-time firmware for the Orbis IoT products. He is also involved with integrating firmware with hardware and hardware modification, as well as raw data collection and testing to aid in evaluating the hardware performance.

Peter has over 30 years of software development experience, and 20+ years of embedded development experience. Previously, he has worked on projects including passive submarine sonar systems, RF “direction finding” systems, the Globalstar satellite phone system, and developing firmware for industrial flow meters and flow switches (both liquid and gas applications). Peter received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from San Diego State University.

Dr. Moore
Algorithm Team Lead
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Dr. Moore leads the Algorithm Team at Orbis, where he works on enhancing the leakage detection and condition assessment algorithms of Prodigy. As a versatile and results-driven biosensor data scientist/programmer, Dr. Moore has over two decades of extensive professional expertise driving algorithm development and related signal/image processing. His work focuses on rigorous statistical characterization and modeling of data, including machine learning techniques and provisions of mathematical and statistical clarity to pertinent data observations. Dr. Moore earned his Ph.D. in Physics from University of California, San Diego and has won multiple awards over the years.

Global Channel Partners

About Wolseley Canada

Wolseley Canada (www.wolseleyinc.ca) is a market leader in the wholesale distribution of plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, waterworks, fire protection, pipes, valves and fittings and industrial products.

About Aquip Systems Pty Ltd

Since 1991, Aquip Systems Pty Ltd (www.aquip.com.au) has supplied the highest quality measurement and data collection systems to the Oil & Gas, Mining, Marine, HVAC, Water and Chemical industries. Part of the HIFraser Group, Aquip has offices located throughout Australia, and its comprehensive range of products and services are accessible and supported coast to coast.

About AWS

AWS is a UVDB accredited supplier of licensed standpipes for many UK water utilities. AWS (www.aquamcorp.co.uk) can identify, supply and deliver the correct, legally compliant standpipe to any authorized user of the network. Clients include Yorkshire Water, United Utilities, Severn Trent Water, Thames Water, Southern Water and Sutton & East Surrey Water.

About McWane

The McWane Family of Companies cast ductile iron products, including pipe, valves, hydrants, fittings, and plumbing products; manufacture fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems and steel pressure vessels; and build network switches and monitoring equipment.

About Optimal Controls

Optimal Controls integrates equipment, processes, and uniquely qualified engineering know-how and expertise to reduce and optimize total facility energy and operating costs for Chillers, Steam and Boiler Systems, Tower Fans, Pumps, and other critical energy intensive systems. For more visit www.optimalcontrols.net.

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