Aquam Corporation Launches Orbis Intelligent Systems for Remote Water Monitoring

Aquam Corporation Launches Orbis Intelligent Systems for Remote Water Monitoring

SAN DIEGO, CA, MAY 22, 2018 –--Today Aquam Corporation ("Aquam"), a global provider of risk mitigation technologies for water and energy transmission and distribution assets, announced the launch of Orbis Intelligent Systems, an infrastructure and water quality monitoring company for commercial, domestic and utility applications, as part of the Aquam family. The new company, supported by its parent, Aquam, will empower customers such as utilities and municipalities to monitor their water quality and other assets 24-hours-a-day.

With real-time monitoring, customers can engage in "active management" of their assets. By being informed in real time of flow, volume, and consumption, customers can proactively manage and mitigate challenges before they become costly and hazardous.

Orbis' first product, which is now shipping, is a cutting edge "GPS Hydrant Meter," a highly scalable, patented monitoring tool designed to track efficiency through aggregation of data.

The devices capture data including time, location, volume and transmit critical alerts to a customer within seconds. By linking water flow meters to a cloud-based portal, utilities and municipalities are now able to monitor their water assets with unprecedented precision. The GPS Hydrant Meter is deployed non-invasively and can be installed in minutes.

"When managing significant water and infrastructure assets, rapid information is not a luxury, it's a necessity that translates into dollars saved and crises averted," said Danny Krywyj, Managing Director for Orbis. "By allowing our customers to monitor their assets not just monthly, weekly, or hourly – but in real-time – Orbis empowers users to be 'active managers.'

With patented and data-driven solutions, Orbis is well positioned to be the new market leader in infrastructure and water monitoring."

Key features of the GPS Hydrant Meter include: • Data logging •Flow & volume monitoring • Water consumption monitoring • Alert notifications • Live secure portal with dashboard • SMS & email alerts • Hourly, daily, weekly, and/or monthly reports • Efficiency report • GPS capability • Live upload capability

Orbis will operate independently as a division of the Aquam family and as the technology engine for all of the Aquam businesses.

"We are proud to witness Orbis leverage the Internet of Things to empower customers of all sizes to be active managers of their water and infrastructure assets," said Dan Squiller, CEO of Aquam."Celebrating deployment of the first Orbis product to customers, further affirms that Aquam is a leading technology innovator in not only the infrastructure sector, but the water innovation space as a whole."

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