Orbis Welcomes New Data Analyst

Orbis Welcomes New Data Analyst

We are excited to announce the addition of Derek Pickern to our team as the Data Analyst.

Derek is responsible for the development and implementation of IoT analytical tools as well as the integration of algorithms into all Orbis sensor technology. Derek is a skilled Python developer with four years of experience researching, designing, implementing and analyzing data from data sets, spreadsheets and other data sources.

Prior to joining Orbis, Derek worked as Data Engineer at Biota Technology Inc and as Software Engineer at Sequoia Analytics. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Technological Entrepreneurship & Management from Arizona State University, and he has certificates in Python for Data Science and Machine Learning, SQL, Python Data Structures, Java and Git. 

"Derek is a great fit for the team, and we are thrilled to have him," say Danny Krywyj.

Following Derek's joining, Orbis is poised to showcase its technology in more real use cases. Stay tuned for our upcoming announcements!