Prodigy Launch in Canada

Prodigy Launch in Canada

This week, our IoT pipeline monitoring solution, Prodigy debuted in Canada at Ontario's Water Conference & Trade Show. At our partner Wolseley's booth, we showcased the two versions of our Prodigy product: the one that works directly with hydrants and the on-pipe version. We are thrilled to be evangelizing this ground-breaking pipeline monitoring solutions across the border.

Using patented sensors and wireless IoT connectivity, Prodigy provides predictive assessments of pipe deterioration, internal blockages and monitors your infrastructure for leaks, flow events, pressure and temperature changes, Legionella conditions and more -- prior to the onset of critical events.

Prodigy helps to:

Reduce waste

Prevent costly property damage and work disruptions

Increase infrastructure efficiency

Maintain compliance with water management plans

Preserve pipeline network assets

Plan for infrastructure investments

Ensure the health and safety of those who rely upon your network