Prodigy Flow

Prodigy Flow is an IoT pipeline flow monitoring device designed for fully wireless real-time monitoring of flow rates. The technology provides data in velocity, flow rate or volume by simply strapping the device to the outside of any pressurized pipe from 2” to 12” in diameter. The technology will supply 15 min diurnal flow data, sent once a day, for 3 years on its own battery power. Prodigy Flow is ideal for monitoring any existing unmetered fire main, virtual or hydraulic District Metered Areas (DMA’s), Sub DMA’s or Force Mains, without requiring a hot tap or interrupting the supply in anyway. Prodigy Flow can be installed within minutes and uses live temperature offset to improve the data accuracy. Prodigy Flow saves you money, time and unnecessary inconvenience.

Principles of the Technology

Unlike conventional ultrasonic flow sensors that measure the time it takes for an ultrasonic pulse to be transmitted from one probe to a second receiving probe, the Prodigy Flow improves on this method by monitoring two signals. The system measures the signal in both directions providing an upstream and downstream pulse to ensure more reliable flow measurements in varying conditions such as air bubbles, air pockets, electrical interference, cavitation, ventilation and vibration.

The Prodigy Flow utilizes advanced signal processing to allow flow measurements to be calculated from multiple signal transmissions in both directions, helping eliminate external noise through smoothing.

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