Prodigy SmartCap™

Prodigy SmartCap™ turns any hydrant into a smart hydrant.

The Prodigy SmartCap is a non-invasive pipeline network monitoring device that provides real- time data via patented sensors and wireless IoT connectivity. SmartCap fits onto standard fire hydrants by simply replacing the pumper nozzle cap. It monitors your infrastructure for leaks, flow events, tamper incidents and pipe deterioration between hydrants – prior to the onset of these critical events.

Installation can be completed within minutes without disruption or system shutdown.

Prodigy SmartCap monitors, processes, and records multiple channels of data from a variety of sensors and stores the processed data in memory, ready for upload to the cloud via CAT M1 cellular connectivity. Reports and data files are transmitted daily unless events occur, in which case Prodigy SmartCap will transmit real-time data to ensure alerts and notifications are received as they occur.

  • Suitable for all standard hydrants
  • Replaceable battery
  • CAT M1 cellular connectivity
  • Suitable for monitoring distribution pipes (12” or less) from hydrants
  • Above ground – eliminating signal concerns
  • Suitable for wet and dry barrel hydrants

Prodigy Smart Cap International

Prodigy SmartCap International uses the same platform as the SmartCap, packaged to sit onto the top of international style hydrants and provide communications from below ground.

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