Prodigy UltraPipe™

The Prodigy UltraPipeTM is a multi-sensor, wireless IoT flow monitoring device that ‘smart enables’ standpipes, mechanical meters and other portable assets. Our sensors detect and measure a broad range of standpipe water consumption conditions - within a simple, cellular connected, non-invasive, clamp-on device.

The technology allows real-time monitoring of GPS location, measurement of water consumption and time. All data is available real-time through a simple cloud-based portal that provides up-to-date water volume measurements, alerts and notifications.

The UltraPipe is available in two versions; a pulse output triggered device which uses the output of an existing mechanical meter, and an ultrasonic variant which uses two ultrasonic transducers mounted onto the standpipe surface to measure the water flow externally through time of flight differentials. Both variants are extremely robust and allow simple attachment onto most standpipes in minutes.

The UltraPipe monitors, processes, and records multiple channels of data from on-board sensors and stores the data in memory, ready for upload to the cloud via cellular connectivity. Reports and data files are transmitted real time to ensure alerts and notifications are received as they occur.


  • 24-month battery life
  • Integral modem
  • Over the air firmware programmable
  • Design and utility patents

Principles of the Technology

Unlike conventional ultrasonic flow sensors that measure the time it takes for an ultrasonic pulse to be transmitted from one probe to a second receiving probe, the Prodigy Flow improves on this method by monitoring two signals. The system measures the signal in both directions providing an upstream and downstream pulse to ensure more reliable flow measurements in varying conditions such as air bubbles, air pockets, electrical interference, cavitation, ventilation and vibration.

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  • Simple Bolt-On Devices
  • Strong IP in Key Territories Using Standpipes
  • Automatic Billing
  • Flow and Volume Monitoring
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Utilize with All Standpipes
  • Live Access to Data on Portal
  • Additional Value to AWS by Carrying Additional Sensors Within Device – Non-Invasive